Mobile Responsive
Website Package

Unlimited Maintenance & Support

With this website package, we build mobile responsive websites that inspire buyers. We don’t just build concepts or tools; we also consider your customer journey and sales flow!


Blow Them Away With Your Website!

We design, develop, and support stunning websites that look great on any device.

  • We will assist you with your project by providing you with a project manager and access to our project managing platform.
  • We help you by providing a full project plan along with detailed forms to help you through the process of knowing what your content flow should be and what items we need from you to complete your project.
  • We will provide you with web page content writing. This is helpful when you need to fill gaps in your current content to better suite what your content goals are when building out the page.

Why Choose Our Website Package

Our dedicated team of experts will manage your entire site so you can focus on growing your business.

WordPress also has a massive community and offers:

  • Platform flexability
  • Plugin & Widget Expandability
  • Meia Management
  • 100+ Customized Themes
Why Choose Our Managed WordPress

How WordPress Works For You?

Here are just a few benefits for using our Managed WordPress website package.

Our Theme Portfolio

Take a look at a few of our themed WordPress concepts you can choose from and we will customize them for you and your business industry.

Medical - Theme 28

Medical – Theme 28

Medical - Theme 28

Home Improvement - Theme 32

Home Improvement – Theme 32

Home Improvement - Theme 32

Food & Restaurant - Theme 20

Food & Restaurant – Theme 20

Food & Restaurant - Theme 20

Cleaning - Theme 41

Cleaning – Theme 41

Cleaning - Theme 41

Business - Theme 40

Business – Theme 40

Business - Theme 40

Beauty & Spa - Theme 26

Beauty & Spa – Theme 26

Beauty & Spa - Theme 26

Auto Mobile - Theme 27

Auto Mobile – Theme 27

Auto Mobile - Theme 27

Attorney - Theme 21

Attorney – Theme 21

Attorney - Theme 21

Responsive Website Features

We build a robust set of features into all our packages which allow our customers to launch their web presence the right way the first time around.

Responsive Website Features
Understanding Your Message & Your Customer

Understanding Your
Message & Your Customer

Before building your website, we work to understand your message, business, and niche.

Understanding Your
Sales Process

Your customers deserve a seamless sales process. We work with you to make your online and offline process integrated.

Understanding Your Sales Process

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, the project will only take 30 days to complete, depending upon when we receive all the necessary details to complete the website buildout.
All sites are built with a minimum of the following requirements:

  • 256MB Memory Limit
  • 30 Maximum execution time
  • 60 Maximum input time
  • 32MB Maximum post size
  • 100MB Maximum upload file size

We can increase the server specs upon request of specific needs.

We do not have our own CDN but we do work with Cloudflare. You will need to purchase your subscription and provide us with the log-in details so that we can configure your domain settings.

With this plan, we will create up to 10 web pages for your website and write content for 5 of the 10 pages. You will need to provide the content for the remaining 5 pages. Stock images are included in the plan but you would need to provide your high quality logo for your website.
Your social media links will be added to the site if available via the social media icons. We can integrate a social media plug-in, but you will need to provide the plug-in you wish to use on your site.

Under this plan, all of the following services are covered:

  • Adding Blog articles to the website
  • Updating content on the website provided by you
  • Adding or updating images on the website provided by you
  • Update contact forms
  • Maintaining plug-in updates per your request
  • Backing up the website and database
  • Configuring SSL certificate
  • Maintaining WordPress version updates
  • Maintaining site speed

This plan does not include building any custom plug-ins or coding, custom graphic design, or ongoing content writing.

Once your website project has been completed, an account will be setup for you in our Support Center so that you can submit all your website requests. This plan does not include phone support but all requests submitted are completed within 24 to 48 hours for general support issues. Advanced coding problems may take longer. If you would like to speak with us regarding your website, you can schedule an appointment through our calendar scheduler.
Your monthly fee will begin a month after your project go-live start date. This plan does have a minimum duration of 12 months. To move your site off of the managed support platform you will have to pay a fee of $250.00 so that we can backup all your database and web files to transfer and setup your site at the new host provider. We would also redirect the domain name DNS.



Our Commitment to Your Success:

We exist to make sure your business is successful. If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, we will refund you the difference in the work yet to be completed and cancel your project and remove your staging site from our servers.

Get Managed
WordPress Support

Relieve yourself from the stress of worrying about your website. We will take care of you throughout the entire process!

Get Managed WordPress Support

Pricing Plan

Remember you will receive full Managed WordPress Support and Management!

  • Up to 10 Web Pages

  • Up to 20 Stock Images

  • 5 Pages of Content Writing

  • 5 Field Contact Form

  • 1 Fully Customized Website

  • 1 Site Re-design per year

  • Unlimited Online Support

Manage WordPress



Then $115 per month



Do you require a more specialized website project for your unique business needs? We can assist. We have a special web development division dedicated to website projects which fall outside of our Managed WordPress plan.


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