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Christopher Bell III (CB3)



I’m the Chief Operations Officer / Co-Founder of StealthEnomics® a member of the Official Forbes Coaches Council, former Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Maryland Innovation Center, an award-winning entrepreneur, business launch designer, executive advisor, podcast guest, and an occasional blogger and speaker.



A little more than two decades. That’s the time it’s taken to personally add nearly $1Bn of new individual software sales & solutions revenues with 5-year cost savings to the bottom line of former employers – a few companies who were acquired and merged with 3 of the top 5 enterprise software companies in the world, and 2 of the top 10 life sciences companies in the world. My customers? The Fortune 500, Global 2000, academic research institutions, US Federal agencies, and public sector entities.



  • Ozgur Yougertcu | CTO

    "He has great communication skills and he is able to add value not only in matters of business development and sales but also in diverse business areas."

  • Stealthenomics

    Carl Fijat | Account Manager

    "Chris is a sales professional that you want on your team, because if he is on your competitor's team you will lose… "Managing highly complex enterprise sales cycles is his specialty."

  • Cris Lull | VP

    "Chris leads by example by consistently meeting and exceeding goals. He is an innovative problem solver and has an extensive understanding of the strategy it takes to move forward in a complex selling environment."

  • Nii Dowuona | Project Manager

    "Within 30 days of signing our consulting agreement, Chris initiated, negotiated, and closed a high-profile deal with a global communications corporation from a lead he received by way of Twitter!"

  • Stealthenomics

    Steve Danseglio | Solutions Consultant

    "Chris Bell is one of the best sales executives I’ve ever worked with at any company and I’ve worked with quite a few pros during my career."

  • Stealthenomics

    Dan Latendre | Board of Directors

    "Christopher is a seasoned sales veteran with a deep understanding of enterprise sales. He has helped our company close numerous large complex global 1000 deals."

  • Eugene Desyatnik

    Eugene Desyatnik | Data and Solutions Architect

    Chris' talk -- Data Governance: What's In it For Me?" was an inspiring, refreshing, and lively addition to our DAMA Philadelphia #DataGovernance day. His talk was well-received by the 70+ audience of data management professionals in the Philadelphia area.

  • Stealthenomics

    Dr. Alex Titomirov | Board of Directors

    "Chris did wonders for the clients and made a huge contribution to our $1 bn plus IPO... "


Like millions of people, I was once shocked to be laid off through no fault of my own while at the “top of my game” (or so I thought.) What was worse, was the thought of renting my life, expertise, and unique skills to an employer who determined I disposable and my receipt, was a paystub. I had secured no real equity or ownership over anything I produced and was angry… with myself.

That’s when I launched Chris Bell3rd & Company – a global technology sales consulting agency, won the Melinda Emerson $25,000 Entrepreneurs Challenge, then profitably shut down and exited my consulting firm to focus on StealthEnomics while intermittently consulting and being employed by SaaS companies.


In an era of uncertainty and rapid change; where synthetic AI tools are promptly delivering sterile results from our inquiries… I’ve remained committed to maintaining an authentic, inspirational sanctuary at StealthEnomics® where Wisdom can be introduced to the inspired thoughts and challenges of ideation-stage visionaries, working professionals, and the recent unemployed in personal, one-on-one sessions.

Concurrently, I’ll continue to learn, promote, share, and advance the benefits of technology solutions that are congruent with my personal life purpose: to improve the human condition.


“… Every interaction with Chris is an opportunity to learn from a world-class coach and mentor. His entrepreneurial DNA and tireless work ethic ensure that every venture he undertakes is a success.”

StealthenomicsAlysia Silberg, General Partner

“Chris is amazing! His ability to coach and hone in on what is said as well as what is not said and clearly delineate problems is a talent many do not possess…”

StealthenomicsDr. Johnetta Thurston, CEO

Some in business recommend that you “under-promise and over-perform”. Chris Bell turns that notion on its head. He sets the bar high and he always manages to exceed my expectations…

StealthenomicsGregory Tarver, IT Security Practice Lead

“Chris has been an incredible asset to our start-up companies at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship. His deep expertise along with his unselfish willingness to assist in whatever way he can has provided a number of companies with high-value benefits they couldn’t otherwise afford… ”

StealthenomicsJulie Lenzer, Chief Innovation Officer

“…A strategic coach, who is always on high octane with a laser-like focus to bring the best out of his pupil. Does not take “NO” for an answer….”

StealthenomicsRich Akwo, Founder, Generosity Global Inc

“…His business integrity, instincts, technology skills, care for our business vision, and his own successful businesses experience have been, and will remain invaluable assets to me and my company…”

StealthenomicsTodd Bowolick, Strategic Success Manager

“Chris Bell is a highly professional and superior performer providing a level of consultancy that has been unparalleled in my professional experience.”

Mark Watson, MBA | Director, Business Development

“… Any time I need guidance, support or to brainstorm through a decision that lay ahead, Chris is the one I seek.”

Angela Flood, Real Estate Professional


Let’s Talk.

Looking for answers? I’ve personally advised dozens of executives thru their business ideation stage, driven technology solutions that have added $1bn to the bottom line of my former employers and customers 5-year customer savings, launched two businesses, contributed to affect an $80M IPO exit, and I’ve done business across the globe. Maybe, just maybe we can grow together. Let’s talk.