My Job, My Business, My Life –
Adapting to the New Normal

We’re in a post Covid-19 quarantine. Things are different, and you’re different too.

Working your job while growing your personal business may pay the bills can anchor your financial security. But what about “Life Balance”…work, business, health, family, peace of mind, and spirituality? How do you keep your life in order?

Maybe “balance” isn’t what we should be looking for and instead, we should be thinking about HARMONY. What if you started “playing the notes in life” (such as work, kids, business, health, love, family, etc.) as a harmonious chord in music, so that EVERY part of your life is complimented by the other parts?

Why shouldn’t your work be reflected in your spiritual beliefs? Why can’t your business activities fuel your personal enjoyment or time with those you love? What would you be like of your mind wasn’t so “busy” and you were able to get a good night’s sleep? Don’t settle. You can have it all and we’ve created a path for you to get there.

Personal Five-Week Coaching Plan

  • Initial Discovery: Your Advisor/Coach is going to ask you “What do you really want? Why now? Is there a compelling business or life event that’s the catalyst for your push to self-improvement? How do you define success?”
  • Life Status Sheet (LSS): Review and create a customized template for the self-evaluation of all your personal life/work priorities and responsibilities. Use it on a weekly or monthly basis to see how you’re really doing… at-a-glance, on a single pane of glass.
  • Life Plan: What’s the point of having a business plan if your personal life falls apart? We’ll help you articulate the values that guide you and create a life mission statement you can use your life plan for daily guidance and to create your own personal affirmations.
  • Work/Business Efficiency & Effectiveness: Let’s look at how we’re building, the systems you’re using, and the quality of your efforts-to-outcomes. It’s easy to do the right thing at the wrong time, with the right people, the wrong way, with the right tools.
  • Personal Power in Harmony: Evaluating your customized LSS and integrating your life plan with your current strategic business objectives. You can have it all.
My Job, My Business, My Life – Adapting to the New Normal